Wild Onez Pig 12" Plush

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  • Recommended 3 year of age and up 

    •  Pigs are social creatures which makes this pig plush toy with a pink body and short stout the perfect companion for little ones.

    • Featuring a sitting stance that is ready to waddle into playtime, this realistic stuffed animal pig is the perfect birthday gift for kids.

    • It’s hard to resist this stuffed animal pig with its outstretched ears, chubby body and friendly eyes.

    • As the ideal Christmas gift for kids, these lifelike pig animal plushies are made with durable stitching and high-quality materials.

    • Combining play with Earth-sustaining practices, The Petting Zoo is committed to providing little ones with cute and cuddly plush toys that are made from recycled water bottles.

    Welcome to the world of Wild Onez, our unique collection of realistic stuffed animals that are designed to bring the experience of wildlife to your child, providing endless hours of imaginative play, and maybe even a treasured companion for years to come. Every one of our Wild Onez plush toys are made from recycled water bottles. Each time you recycle, you’re helping to create a cleaner world, and maybe even a new plush toy.

    The Petting Zoo was founded on passion and creativity, offering high quality plush stuffed animals that capture a child's imagination. For over 25 years, we have proudly created fun and trendy animal plush toys to bring smiles to all. Our love for animals and the environment, is a driving force behind our use of recycled materials in our plush, blending imagination with nature, while caring for the world we share.

Wild Onez Pig 12" PlushWild Onez Pig 12" PlushWild Onez Pig 12" PlushWild Onez Pig 12" Plush

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