About Us

At Southern Comfort Linens, our mission is to provide the best quality bedding at the best

prices. A good night’s sleep is an investment that is often overlooked. How well you sleep

affects every aspect of your life from your physical to mental well-being. In our search for

affordable and top quality bedding, we have found the best materials for your comfort and for

your wallet.

We sell directly to the consumers and lead fundraisers for businesses, hospitals, and schools.

With unbeatable customer service, we are confident that our products make us the best choice

for your bedding needs.

For our fundraising clientele, we offer the same high quality products while allowing a

percentage of all sales to go directly to your organization or charitable cause. We offer this

fundraising opportunity at no cost and the only work required on your end is getting the word

out. Our products are shipped directly to the purchaser so that once the fundraiser has ended,

there is no sorting, delivery, or added work for you.

Whether you are looking for quality and affordable products for your own use or looking for an

easy fundraiser with great products, Southern Comfort Linens is the best way to invest in your